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Written by Arethea Harris, Nov 6, 2018
Topics: Planning, Getting Started, Inspiration

Building science — Putting the right skylight in the right place to perform

Skylights add style, drama and beauty to any room. They allow natural light to permeate the space, illuminating your furnishings. But the advantages go beyond aesthetics. Check out the multi... Read More

Written by Arethea Harris, Oct 23, 2018
Topics: Planning, Inspiration, Advice

A healthier lifestyle begins at home

While fall isn’t the start of a new calendar year, for many of us it marks new beginnings and a revaluation of our habits and lifestyle. And with winter quickly approaching, it’s a smart ide... Read More

Written by Arethea Harris, Oct 19, 2018
Topics: Planning, Inspiration, Advice

5 improvements to consider when re-roofing

 Fall is the perfect time to book your new roof project you’ve been putting off all year. This home renovation project is a smart move with a great return on investment. In the short term it... Read More

Written by Arethea Harris, Oct 9, 2018
Topics: Advice, Inspiration

Key benefits of fresh air and natural light in your home

There’s nothing like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. Or having sunlight streaming through your window on a chilly winter morning. But the advantages of having natural light and fresh ai... Read More

Written by Arethea Harris, Oct 2, 2018
Topics: Inspiration, Getting Started

Spotlight on hallways and stairways: How to expand your space

There are many spaces in the home that receive a lot less love than they deserve, and your hallway and top of stairway are likely two of them. These transitional spots are often neglected, a... Read More

Written by Karen Sealy, Sep 19, 2018
Topics: Getting Started, Inspiration

The top 5 renovation projects for a more comfy home

When it comes to home improvement, people often concentrate on the aesthetics; the inviting colour on the walls, the coziness of the furniture or decorative elements around the house.But in ... Read More