Written by Arethea Harris, Mar 25, 2021

Bonus rooms are notorious for being the room in the attic that catches our extra stuff. That oddly shaped space with no or very small windows. That space that is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The room that could have a purpose but no real design focus. Ever thought about changing that?

It’s time to turn your attic space into a bonus room worth showing off. You have a lot of different options that can transform your space and give it less of that attic feel transforming it into any room you want it to be. You can turn your attic into an office space, a homework room, a bedroom and more. But, before you go redesigning your space, there’s one big suggestion we have. No matter what you decide to transform your bonus room into, be sure to add in natural light.

Replace your dormer with a skylight, Turn your attic skylight into a balcony with a VELUX Cabrio Balcony Roof Window

So, if you’re ready to define your attic room as something more than just an extra space, we’ll let you in on a design secret. Look around and uncover the magic in your ceiling! There are so many benefits to having a bright attic but here are our top 3 reasons why you should add a skylight to your attic:

  1. Better Lighting
    We’ve all heard that natural light is the best light to have in your home. The reason is that natural light provides a clean, white light that cast few shadows, unlike artificial that emits a yellow or blue tint.
  2. Any Ceiling Design
    When it comes to your attic/bonus room and its unique ceiling design, you might think your options are limited. Surprise! Skylights and roof windows are the perfect options to add to your bonus room because they can go in more areas and fit more angles than a regular window. So, let in that light!
  3. Fresh and Cool Air
    Bonus rooms can be the warmest room of the house because they typically sit above the garage or upper floor where the air conditioning has a hard time reaching. So, you could install a window unit to cool the space. Or, you could let your skylight do the work. Since it brings in two times the amount of daylight and is more cost effective than a dormer.

attic bedroom with two fresh air skylights with shades or blinds open for  ventilation more cost effective than a dormerVELUX offers Fresh Air Skylights and other roof windows that fill your space with bright, natural light and fresh air.

You can access our full attic/bonus room guide here for more tips and tricks to turn your attic into a bright and beautiful space in your home!

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