Written by Arethea Harris, May 14, 2019
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Congratulations, you’ve decided to move forward and purchase a new skylight great decision! As you know a skylight offers multiple advantages for your home, including aesthetic, health, mood and sleep benefits. But now that you hit the go button how do you make sure that it’s installed properly so that it stands up to our unpredictable and extreme Canadian weather, doesn’t leak and meets your expectations?

This is where VELUX can help!  VELUX can connect you with a member of our VELUX Installers Program who services your area and is right for your project.  We are the only skylight manufacturer to train installers on how to install our skylights properly for a No Leak, No Worries promise.  We want you to have a positive and bright experience with skylights, here are some helpful tips to ensure that your installation is done right.

1. Find the right installer.

Improper installation is one of the main causes of skylight leaks.  It’s important to make sure that the installer has experience integrating skylights into the roofing system and knows how to tie the skylight into the homes air barrier to prevent any condensation.  If you haven’t hired a contractor, try searching for a member of the VELUX Installers Program using the Installer Locator.  This way you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your skylight investment was installed by someone specially trained by us. If you have already hired a contractor ask them questions on their experience and if in doubt call our Customer Service team. To find a certified installer in your area, click here. Tell us about your project and we will hand pick installers in your area who are the best match for your project. If you are undertaking a new roof project, we can connect you with roofing companies who are members of our installers program.   VIP Installers Find in your area someone Certified to Install VELUX  Skylight or product

2. Explore placement options. 

Besides deciding which room(s) you want your skylight in, it’s important to consider the external placement, orientation and how the sun travels around your house.  This is important to help you determine your skylight size, glass type and if you need blinds for additional solar heat protection.  

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3. Choosing the best skylight for the job.

Working with your installer to confirm your roof pitch, roof and ceiling construction and the attic space will all help to determine the best skylight for the job. In addition, knowing what you want to accomplish will also guide your skylight decision.  When examining your roof structure if you have complicated valleys and ridges this will limit the space of the skylight.  Understanding your options is made easy when working with a company that has experience with skylights.   VELUX Skylight Blog Photo


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