Written by Arethea Harris, Nov 28, 2017

1. Boost natural light and privacy.

Did you know skylights can deliver two times more daylight than a vertical window? A skylight has the added benefit of offering privacy from neighbours’ prying eyes and passersby on the street. You’ll also reduce the need for artificial light and air conditioning, lowering your electricity costs. 

2. Benefit from a healthier home.

As vertical windows circulate the air within the space, hot air, odours and toxins rise to the highest point in the home, and can accumulate in busy areas like your kitchen and bathroom. But by opening your skylight, those gases escape through the roof. Consider a VELUX programmable venting skylight to create a natural ventilation system for a healthier, fresher and brighter home.

3. Improve your productivity.

 Adding more natural light to your home office or studio can help you minimize mistakes and lessen eyestrain, causing less headaches. Meanwhile, living in a space with good indoor air quality can help you sleep better at night, improving your daytime productivity. Getting the right amount of daylight is also essential for our mental health and well-being, improving our mood and fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 

4. Create a better learning environment.

Studies show kids benefit from a good indoor air climate, which increases their learning abilities by up to 15 per cent. You can achieve a good indoor climate with a skylight’s optimal combination of daylight and fresh air. 

5. Infuse style and designer flourish.

Not sure how to fix a builder basic room? Adding a skylight or combining multiple units will create an architectural statement in your living room, entryway or stairwell. Bring your family together in a space that feels bigger for everyday living, and have a striking focal point that’s a great conversation starter when entertaining guests. 

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Now your home can proactively monitor temperature, humidity and  COlevels, and open or close your skylights and blinds accordingly to create a healthier indoor climate. It’s the smart home future, today.

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