Written by Arethea Harris, Nov 19, 2020

Your skylight offers tons of benefits to your mental health and physical well-being, including improving asthma and allergies and alleviating symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.). Here are some ways to make sure you’re getting all possible advantages out of your skylight and creating a healthy home for your family:

  1. Ventilate your home. Our houses are comprised of items that give off VOCs (volatile organic compounds), such as carpets, paint, fabrics, varnishes, glue, scented candles and laundry detergent. These chemicals then become trapped in our homes, which can cause or worsen a host of health problems including asthma and allergies. That’s why health experts recommend that you air out your home three to four times a day for at least 10 minutes at a time, with more than one window open. Your venting skylight can help with this through a process known as “the stack effect,” which draws hot air and toxins to the top to escape through the open skylight. Also, air out your bedroom before you go to bed and when you get up in the morning.
  2. Move towards the light. Make sure as much daylight as possible gets inside to invite nature into your home. Artificial light – even special “daylight” bulbs” – cannot replicate the qualities of sunlight, which has been linked to fewer cases of depression, so try to use daylight as your primary light source and supplement it with artificial light when necessary. Ideally, your curtains and blinds should be fully opened in the daytime hours.Home Office with Natural light and more daylight
  3. Optimize blind use. Our bodies can only synchronize with the so-called “sleep, work, live” 24-hour rhythm through the correct exposure to light and darkness, so take advantage of your window treatments to control light exposure throughout the day. If possible, orient any bedrooms you have eastwards towards the morning sun. This is particularly beneficial for teens and children, who have a delayed biological clock and often find it hard to get up in the mornings. Also, make sure your curtains or blinds stop as much light as possible from entering bedrooms at night. VELUX also offers room-darkening and light-filtering skylight blinds, to help you gain complete control over your indoor light and environment.
  4. Limit dampness and moisture. Drying clothes on an indoor rack gives off moisture, which can lead to harmful mould and dampness in the home, so dry your clothes outdoors if you can. If that’s not an option or it’s too cold, try to open a window near to where your clothes are hanging drying so you can remove some of the excess moisture. For the same reasons, make sure your bathroom and kitchen are properly ventilated. Having a skylight in these spaces can really help to draw moist air out.Increase Natural Light in Bathroom
  5. Upgrade to a smart skylight. Connected devices can keep your home functioning at peak performance even while you’re away. With the VELUX ACTIVE with NETAMO smart home control, your home can proactively monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. It can also open or close your skylights and blinds accordingly to create a healthier indoor climate. This means your home can automatically let fresh air in when needed. If inclement weather is on the way and you’re not at home, a rain sensor will close the skylight for you.

Check out this next blog to learn more about the benefits of fresh air and natural light in your home.


Natural Light in Kitchen


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