Written by Arethea Harris, Apr 16, 2019

One of the largest and most exciting purchases you will make is to build a new home from scratch, choosing the layout, finishes and style all to your liking. But it’s important to remember not to get stuck on fancy upgrades like granite kitchen counters and consider improvements that benefit the health, well-being and comfort of your family. After all, you’re investing in yourself and your family’s future. 

This presents a great opportunity to ensure your home is a comforting and safe space for years to come.  So why not ask your builder or architect for ways to brighten and freshen your new home?    

One solution you may not have thought about is to ask for skylights. An afterthought for many, skylights add drama and style to your home. Letting in 200% more light than vertical windows, they can also open up a room and make the most of dark corners or small spaces. This is especially important as we see new homes across Canada being built closer and closer together. Plus, a venting skylight can help circulate the air within the space, allowing hot air, odours and toxins rise to the highest point in the home – also known as the stack effect.

Here are other benefits of a skylight and reasons to work with your architect, builder or contractor to incorporate them into your new home from the beginning:

1. Skylights offer unique benefits to every room in your home.

Skylights’ ability to harness the stack effect is especially useful in spaces where you want to circulate fresh air in and odours and toxins out. This feature is perfect for the kitchen, helping you eliminate unwanted cooking odours like fish and providing more light for safe chopping and food prep. In the bathroom, a skylight can help you let the steam out after a hot bath or shower, preventing excess humidity and mould. Plus, you can enjoy natural light while maintaining your privacy, since a skylight opens up to the sky rather than across in view of your neighbours. Meanwhile, a skylight in the living room or home office can eliminate glare on screens, and one in your attic can help transform it into a bright, useable space or loft conversion.

2. Skylights have long-term cost-savings.

Adding the skylight cost to your mortgage is a smarter idea than undertaking a new skylight project in a few years. You’ll also save on the extra costs of hiring a contractor to come back and work on your roof later. In addition, a skylight can help with day-to-day savings, as the natural light it brings into your home will lower your need for artificial light, bringing down your electricity bills. If you get a venting skylight, it can help you cut down on cooling costs during the summer. 

 3. Skylights can improve your family’s mental health.

There are many research studies that show exposure to natural light has many positives for our mental health. It increases short-term memory, productivity and focus while minimizing mistakes, supporting you when giving your all to your work. Natural light also causes the brain to produce serotonin, the hormone responsible for improving mood, alleviating pain and increasing energy levels. This is why it helps our ability to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, a condition experienced by 2 to 3% of Canadians, as well as the winter blues, a more common condition experienced by 15% of us. Natural light and ventilation even work together to connect us to the outdoors, creating a calmer and more productive environment in our homes. 

Adding a skylight to a new build is a great way to improve your home’s layout, create more livable space, bring more light and fresh air into your home, and enjoy the long-term health and cost-saving benefits skylights provide. 

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