Written by Arethea Harris, Nov 6, 2018

Skylights add style, drama and beauty to any room. They allow natural light to permeate the space, illuminating your furnishings. But the advantages go beyond aesthetics. Check out the multiple health, mood and other benefits skylights can bring to your home and learn about which skylights work best in which room.

Top of stairs.


Placing a venting skylight here allows you to benefit from the stack effect for cleaner air and a healthier home. But what exactly is the stack effect, and how is it beneficial?

Hot air rises and cold air sinks, sound familiar? Takes you back to high school physics, and interestingly enough it is also the underlying concept of the stack effect, a design approach that greatly enhances natural airflow and ventilation in homes. The stack or chimney effect promotes skylights and vertical windows working together to achieve optimal indoor air performance. As the vertical windows circulate the air within the space, hot air, odours and toxins rise to the highest point in the home. By opening your skylight, those hot and toxic gases escape through the roof to create a healthier indoor environment. You can also reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer months saving on electricity.



Does your bathroom have little to no access to natural light? Does your bathroom window overlook your neighbour’s house? Do you want more privacy but still need daylight?

Thanks to those hot baths and showers, bathrooms have extra condensation, meaning ventilation is even more important here than in other spaces around the home. With a VELUX solar powered venting skylight, you can bring in an abundance of natural daylight while also allowing you to let the steam out after a hot bath or shower. Enjoy privacy, an unobstructed view and a sophisticated design touch. Plus, getting ready will be a cinch since natural light is the best lighting for makeup application.



The kitchen is often the hub of a home, where we spend time with family and friends cooking, eating and celebrating. It is also a key space where temperature and humidity levels fluctuate when cooking. With a programmable skylight, you can help keep your kitchen fresh during and after cooking, making the space more enjoyable for everyone. VELUX programmable skylights not only let in natural light, they give you the control to properly air out your home. These sophisticated models come with an integrated rain sensor to close during inclement weather, so you won’t need to worry about unpredictable swings in weather.


Home office.


Did you know that working in natural light will lessen eyestrain, causing less headaches? Put the power of natural light to work in your home office or studio and you’ll increase productivity, minimize mistakes and improve your mood. VELUX Skylights shed natural light into workspaces.  Work better, study harder with the right amount of natural light. Consider adding a blind to control the amount of light in the room and reduce glare on your desktop monitor or laptop.




bedroom-PHB-KAM-1547 PFH Ashton_owner_room_VSE_hires_01-after

A place to rest and recharge, your bedroom is your retreat from the world. But if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, you might not be making the most of this space. Good indoor air quality can help you sleep better, and natural light during the day can help regulate your internal body clock, known as your circadian rhythm. With a skylight and solar-powered room darkening programmable blinds, you can get nighttime view of the stars from bed, enjoy a good night’s rest and still wake-up with natural light when you want.

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