Written by Katie Spragge, Aug 13, 2020


With the kids playing and learning and you working remotely all under the same roof, it’s important to make sure your space is as fresh and clean as possible to keep you all happy and healthy. Now’s the perfect time to focus on improving your home, and a skylight is a powerful tool that can help with just that. One of the highest-traffic rooms right now is the living room. As a central point in your home, its air can be polluted by a seemingly endless list of sources seeping in from around the house – from excess carbon dioxide to food particles from cooking, pet hairs and moisture from baths, showers and washing machines. While you may not be aware of the indoor health of your home, you may notice that at times it feels too stuffy or dusty, or that there are lingering food or pet odours.

Fortunately, your skylight can provide a lot of help with this. Through the stack effect, a VELUX venting skylight can take the hot air and toxins that naturally rise up towards the roof and allow them to escape outside while bringing in fresh air. This new air can then circulate throughout your home.


The natural light from your skylight can also help elevate your mood and make you feel better. This is especially important as  many of us experience a disruption to our mental health, with anxiety about the future, the economy and our health combined with limited opportunities for exercise. But sunlight is a proven mood-lifter that can cause our brain to produce serotonin, a hormone that’s responsible for improving mood, relieving pain and increasing energy levels. Your skylight can help ensure you get more of the daylight that your mind and body needs, as it provides two times the amount of light as a traditional wall window.

For those of us with smaller spaces, our living rooms are doubling as home offices or classrooms. But with so many distractions and an unfamiliar work environment, it can be hard staying on task. Here, additional daylight again offers some advantages. Increased exposure to natural light has been shown to increase short-term memory and productivity. Researchers even found that people perform 10 to 25% better on tests of mental function and memory recall when they work in a room with daylight when compared to a room with no daylight.


While it can be challenging having your living room function on overdrive, there are many ways to make it a more livable and healthier space. By combining your skylight with some layout changes and multi-purpose furniture, you’ll be well on your way towards creating a space your whole family can enjoy at this time. Find more living room design inspiration with our living room e-book.



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