Written by Katie Spragge, Nov 18, 2021

When redecorating, we tend to subconsciously shift our design around a particular area in the room that will become an eye-catching focal point, and for some, that could be a fireplace, for others it could be an opening into another room or even a feature wall. Focusing on these spaces in your living room can be limiting, especially when it comes to the arrangement of the room, leaving us with only a few layout choices to choose from. Not what you wanted to hear? Well, what if we told you that it’s time to create a new focal point!

A focal point can open the design potential in your space, giving you more options when rearranging. But, how exactly do you create a unique focal point? Consider shifting your outlook to your ceiling. You could install beautiful wooden beams, paint it an accent colour, or add skylights! Skylights take your fifth wall beyond the standard white paint to become a ceiling full of light and beautiful sky views. Because skylights are positioned on your ceiling, your room has a new look while adding a level of functionality to your space too. The benefits of incorporating a skylight to the design of your space are endless, but we’ve highlighted three reasons why you should consider adding a skylight to your living room.

1. Functionality

Positioned on your roof, skylights allow for uninhibited daylight to enter the space from above, letting you enjoy more freedom to rearrange your space down below. Skylights bring in twice as much daylight as traditional vertical windows. You can enhance the entire design of our space while bringing in plenty of natural light from above.

2. Lower Electric Bills

Stop depending on artificial lights to brighten your living room space. Use skylights! Daylight entering through your skylight illuminates your space with free energy, saving you more money on your electric bill. Additionally, with VELUX Fresh-Air skylights, you can let out hot air while bringing in fresh air, giving your air conditioner a bit of a break.

3. Control

Whether you want it to be a bright, entertaining room one minute or a dark movie room the next, you have complete light control of your VELUX skylight when paired with a VELUX blind. Offered in a variety of styles and colours, you’ll be able to find one that matches your décor style. Plus when you turn your Fresh Air Skylight into a Smart Skylight with VELUX Active, you can control the amount of natural light and fresh air that you let in with your phone!

As the center of your home, you want your living room to be bright, open, and a comfortable gathering place. Sure, we might be biased, but nothing brightens and makes a space feel welcoming quite like daylight. Natural light is powerful! It changes colour schemes, makes rooms feel large, lowers our dependency on electricity, and it makes us feel good too! Check out our living room eBook for more inspiration for your living room.


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