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How To Get A Bright, Sun-Filled Kitchen

Kitchens have always been the heart of the home, but we’ve seen a shift from this room as a functional space to one filled with style, texture and design, while used for living and entertaining.   Whether you intend to fully renovate your kitchen or are looking to give it a little boost, there are many great kitchen trends we see for 2020 and beyond. Still, one that I have been using in my designs as much as possible is the movement towards maximizing natural light.

While white kitchens continue to be classic, colour has forced its way into our kitchen life. Soft blacks, shades of blues, greens, greys and even brighter colours have been making their way to our kitchens in everything from cabinetry and appliances to tiles and accessories. Colour is a great way to inject a little life into a room. However, nothing can bring a space to life as much as an abundance of sunshine and natural light.

Linda Mazur Designer  Sun-Filled Kitchen

Unfortunately, many of us lack the pleasures of exposure to sunlight, spending much of our daily time indoors where the air can be even more polluted than outside. One way to rectify this is by adding skylights to your home. Skylights can deliver twice the amount of daylight that a vertical window. They are designed and work best, as a complement your vertical windows to provide even levels of light and make your space brighter. Increased sunshine equals improved mood, concentration and energy - all essentials to a healthy lifestyle; for this reason, they are a fantastic addition to your kitchen renovation. There are many options for size and function of your skylight, so you need to explore the best options for your needs and the design of your house. A programmable skylight, for example, will work to improve the air quality in your home.

It can help you ventilate your home to release the hot air, toxins and odours that accumulate while allowing fresh air to enter. It can also reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer while allowing for more natural warmth from the sun to enter during the winter.

Linda Mazur Kitchen Design

Today’s kitchens boast increased functionality and are more about adding style and personality to your home. Colours with character, great textures and finishes, mixed metals and warm wood-tones all lend themselves to creating a new and exciting space. Adding skylights to the mix elevates this to a bright, inspirational and inviting room for your family to enjoy while creating a home to be proud of.

Some tips to inspire your need for skylights:

  • Incorporating skylights in your kitchen can reduce energy costs as you are decreasing the need for artificial light in your home.
  • By adding so much more sunlight to your room, they tend to make the space feel more open, airy, and even bigger.
  • Skylights are a great way to add drama and personality to your home.   A skylight does allow an abundance of light to filter into your space, so when purchasing your skylight, add-in the blinds option to give you added control over the volume of light and help protect your floors and finishes.
  • Remember to consider the shape, size and placement of the skylight to ensure it complements your kitchen designs and the other forms of lighting you will require.
  • Multiple skylights can create an interesting design in your space instead of just a single skylight
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