Written by Jenna Ross, Feb 20, 2020

 Skylights are an excellent way to add drama to any room while also improving the overall climate of your home for a healthier indoor environment. If you’re reading this, you probably already know of this benefit and have decided a skylight is a great addition to your home. But to make the most of your skylight, there are a few design and décor principles to keep in mind.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate around your new skylight:

Three VELUX Skylights at the top of the staircase allows daylight pours into other

Plan your positioning: Once you know what room your skylight is going in, it’s essential to be strategic about exactly where it’s going to go before you install. Carefully positioned skylights can help bring harmony to a home. For example, positioning skylights in the centre of a room opens up the space and reduces glare – perfect for a living room or home office. The room is now functional, flexible and relaxing. Don’t forget to take into account how, when and from where the sunlight filters into your home, as this will affect the amount of light that comes through your skylight. A certified installer can help you understand the unique specifics of your home to make the best placement decision. 


VELUX Light Filtering Blinds add  light control and privacy to your skylight - a stylish window treatment

Wow with window treatments: Many people don’t know it’s possible to add light control and privacy with a window treatment when they have a skylight. But controlling the amount of light in your room is easy with the VELUX blind collection, which comes in a wide range of colours and pleated styles made to complement your interior design. Whether you need to darken the light in a bedroom or soften the afternoon sun in your kitchen, there’s a stylish window treatment for every space. As a bonus, they’ll improve the energy efficiency of your home. In the winter, on cold nights, close your skylight blinds to provide an extra layer of thermal insulation to keep warm air indoors.

VELUX Combination System allows you to install multiple skylights in one space to enhance the aesthetic of your home

Align with your aesthetics. Every home is different – from classic to contemporary, minimalist to vintage. For best results, consider the unique aesthetics (both interior and exterior) of your home to ensure your skylight complements its style and design. For example, placing a series of skylights together can create a bold architectural statement, while the clean lines and glass panels of a skylight will work well with the cool simplicity of a modern home. A decorative treatment around your skylight can also add a visual element that transforms your skylight from a source of light to an architectural feature of your home. After all, the core architectural concept of a skylight is having a view to the outdoors, which dates back to the roof opening of the Roman Pantheon.  Today, the modern, innovative and smart skylight is flexible and adaptable to suit any aesthetic. 

To maximize the impact of your skylight and get the placement and any blinds or window treatments just right, work with a certified installer. They can make the process easier and make sure you have a , leak-free installation.

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