Written by Niina Steinke, Nov 8, 2018

Wasn’t this summer incredibly beautiful?

 So many days of shimmering light and clear blue sky. We lived more outside than in, spending afternoons at the lake and balmy evenings listening to concerts of crickets. The nights were often too short and too warm to sleep, although all the windows were wide open. Living felt more easy and free and, as the weeks passed, it felt like summer would last forever. 

Time keeps on moving and the sun has slowly set on summer, making the days shorter again. We have enjoyed those high summer days, leaving behind late summer and now autumn is upon us. As much as I like to indulge in blissful summer memories, I recently realised that I really like autumn.

daylight, sunlight, summer, winter

daylight, sunlight, summer, winter


There is something magical about these days. Especially the calm mornings, as the sun rises and the sky is filled with a thick fog like clouds that have fallen from the sky. It’s just stunning how colourful nature is in these autumn days. Every day, a new shade of colour paints the leaves before they all fall to the ground for the winter. It is so beautiful to look at.

But I especially like autumn because of the light. Though the sun is passing much lower in the sky, my home is even more brighter. Sunbeams are slanting through the remaining foliage throwing dappled silhouettes on walls and on the floor. The sun is certainly not as strong as in summer but still she shines warm enough to make the heart sing. To me the light is even more beautiful now than a few weeks ago. 

daylight, sunlight, summer, winterdaylight, sunlight, summer, winter

I am slowly beginning to rest after this exciting summer and preparing our home for the darker, cooler season. My colour preference has changed from bright, light and fresh to cosy, warm earthy tones. I move things around in my home, changing rugs, curtains and cushion covers to bring a different feel to the house. I also felt like a new wallpaper would look nice in the study and chose a brown floral motif one. A few memories from summer found their place such as a beautiful piece of pine bark, conches and pinecones. 

There are so many joyful things that come along with the seasonal shift. We spent time collecting apples, chestnuts and leaves. We then dipped the leaves in liquid beeswax, so they would stay fresh for a longer time and retain their beautiful shine. I also cut our last blooming hydrangeas and brought them inside to dry. During winter they will look beautiful and remind me of sunny days.

It surely is the beginning of the season of blankets, woollen socks and tea. Then there are still unread books from summer, patiently waiting to have a turn. This will be the season for me to cuddle up, warm and cosy in bed on a rainy, moody day and enjoy some quiet.

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