Written by Priscilla Bacchus, Apr 30, 2019

Nowadays, many homeowners are deciding to renovate their current living spaces rather than move. And with lot sizes becoming narrower, there is no more room to expand but to build up. This presents the perfect opportunity to unleash the potential in your home.

One great example is the Forest Hill Village, Toronto, Ontario home of Gordon White, who is the senior vice president of sales at Sotheby’s International Realty. He recently bought a new house that was meant to be part home for his family, part investment. White’s intent was to rent out the main floor and occupy the second and third floors as his family’s main living space.

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“As a real estate agent, I’m definitely seeing trends of people building third-storey additions,” he explains. “As a society, we’re now building up because it increases the property value. It gives the homeowner more livable space that’s needed simply because of the lack of livable land space.”

In order to achieve this design and architectural goal, the attic space needed be eliminated to create an open concept, bright, usable living space for his family. Ripple Projects, the architectural firm that worked on the house, decided to raise the ceiling height, open up and remove walls, and install several VELUX roof windows.

Mike MacKay, principal at Ripple Projects, explains the benefits of skylights in a home such as this one.  

“It’s great to have a skylight or roof window in a space like this to bring in natural light and ventilation. By opening the roof window, it allows us to pull in air from the main floor through to the third floor. And with the standards of today’s homes being built so tightly together, it’s a huge bonus having external air coming through to improve the air quality in the home. You also have more natural light coming in, which means you need to use less artificial light, reducing your energy costs. Incorporating skylights is inexpensive to do and they just open up the space and makes it feel a lot bigger inside.”

Forest HIll Residence Remodel with VELUX Skylights

White agrees and is thrilled with the results of his new home.  “These wonderful VELUX roof windows gave us a more inviting space.” This new, healthier home provides much more livable and beautiful space for his family to spread out and have more room for entertaining guests all while saving money on electricity.

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