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Written by Katie Spragge, Sep 25, 2023
Topics: Advice, Inspiration

Fall in Love with Your Home: Skylights vs Traditional Windows

When it comes to brightening and enhancing your home, there's one option that truly stands out: VELUX Skylights. Our innovative skylights offer a host of advantages that make them the ideal ... Read More

Written by Katie Spragge, Aug 15, 2023
Topics: Planning, Advice, ventilation, healthy living, Electric, Solar

How VELUX Skylights Can Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

Creating a healthy and comfortable living environment is a top priority for any homeowner. One aspect that is often overlooked but has a significant impact on indoor air quality is natural v... Read More

Written by Katie Spragge, Jul 13, 2023
Topics: Planning, Advice, kids

5 Reasons to Add Skylights in a Child's Room

A child's room is a special place where imagination runs wild and dreams take flight. It's essential to create an environment that fosters creativity, and comfort. One way to achieve this is... Read More

Written by Arethea Harris, Jul 5, 2023
Topics: Planning, Advice

Top 3 reasons to replace your skylight when re-roofing

A skylight makes a gorgeous addition to any home that’s perfect for introducing extra natural light. Skylights come with aesthetic benefits like style and creating an architectural feature, ... Read More

Written by Katie Spragge, Jun 6, 2023
Topics: Skylight, VELUX, Planning, Advice, Inspiration, window, house, makeover, benefits

The Importance of Natural Light In Your Renovation Project

New design trends mean new opportunities to make over and upgrade your home. This year, we are seeing lots of exciting trends that are providing fresh inspiration and ideas for an improved, ... Read More

Written by Priscilla Bacchus, Jun 6, 2023
Topics: Case Studies, Skylight, Renovation, Daylight, Planning, Advice, Inspiration, Remodel, Forest Hill

Renovating to boost light, space and property value- Case Study: Forest Hill Village Residence

Nowadays, many homeowners are deciding to renovate their current living spaces rather than move. And with lot sizes becoming narrower, there is no more room to expand but to build up. This p... Read More