4 Ways to create a healthier indoor space for the Indoor Generation

Posted by Arethea Harris

As the National Marketing and Communications Manager for VELUX Canada, Arethea knows the importance and impact that daylight and fresh air plays in our indoor environment. An avid sports fan, particularly basketball, she was a former varsity player who continues to play recreationally. With a love for architecture and design, she keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest industry trends and tips.

2018 Trends for the bathroom 

 Did you know that bathrooms were the most renovated rooms in 2017? This has become such a popular space for upgrading thanks to the at-home spa trend, which looks at the bathroom as not just a utilitarian necessity, but an extension of the rest of the home that can be luxurious and revitalizing.

 Need some inspiration for refreshing your bathroom? Check out these top trends favoured by designers and homeowners alike.      

Dramatic accents.

Create a defining style statement with a feature wall or standout element. Think stone vessel sinks, antique clawfoot tubs and over-sized, gallery-style paintings. Consider adding a striking architectural feature, like a skylight. The solar-powered venting skylight brings in an abundance of natural daylight while also allowing you to let the steam out after a hot bath or shower. Natural light is also the best lighting for make-up application. Enjoy privacy, an unobstructed view and a sophisticated design touch with a skylight that brings fresh air to your bathroom. It’s the perfect feature to help you start your day off right.

Bold lighting.

Use lighting strategically to set the ambiance for the space. Relaxation, elegance, drama and modernity can all be conveyed with the right fixtures. For example, you can try warm brass globe sconces for an industrial aesthetic that feels very now or bold vanity lighting for a touch of Hollywood glamour. Don’t be afraid to be daring, either — a chic chandelier in the center of the space or over a jet tub can add a dose of vintage luxury and old-school charm.    

Modern metals.

Every few years there is a shakeup in which metals are trending. Right now, warmer hues like brass and gold are making a comeback. These shades bring in some depth and dimension to the room and perfectly complement the neutral greys that are still very popular on walls. Matte black is another option for the fashion-forward; it has a contemporary heritage vibe that looks great against whites and other neutrals. Use it in plumbing fixtures and mirror frames. You can even opt for a metal shower frame in matte black — this modern take on the shower is quickly becoming a popular alternative for creating a rustic or industrial look that’s perfect for lofts and other trendy homes.   

Unique tiles.

Go beyond the subway tile and opt for quirky shapes and mixed tiles that add some flair and interest to any bathroom. Penny rounds, honeycomb, hexagon and diamond are exciting options to try. If you’re feeling adventurous, try mixing and matching or colour-blocking the tiles to create a look that’s all your own. You can also mix and match tiles in the same colour family for a subtler take on the trend. 

High-tech accessories.

This may very well be the year the smart home goes mainstream, so it makes sense to carry the trend to the bathroom. High-tech accessories can often offer conveniences you never knew you needed before but can’t live without once you’ve experienced them. Popular ones for the bathroom include self-cleaning toilets that make housework a breeze, underfloor heating systems you’ll really appreciate come winter, wireless entertainment systems for your favourite shows and music, and under-counter appliances like a refrigerator to keep beverages, medications and organic lotions cool.  

Significant storage.

You can never have too much storage, and the bathroom is no exception. Fortunately, minimal storage is no longer trending, so you can make the most of the space with savvy storage solutions that focus on underutilized areas like corners, heights and areas below eye level. You can also choose furniture that works double duty, like a storage cube for your vanity that also functions as a stool you can use for applying your makeup. A cute and practical accessory, petite cocktail tables are another great way to add some portable storage that lends an air of indulgence to bath time by holding essentials like a good book and glass of wine.  

Living room accessories.

Since bathrooms are now an extension of the home, it follows the same considerations as the other rooms when it comes to accessorizing and decorating. Choose a colour palette and aesthetic, and structure your décor accordingly. Bring in atmosphere-enhancing items like candles, books, vases and artwork that make the space feel inviting and like a relaxing, luxurious spa retreat. 

Marvelous materials.

Like the rest of the home, bathrooms are moving away from a single must-have look or material — a good thing that lets you incorporate your own personality in the space. Different materials are trending, so choose one or two that you prefer for a clean, streamlined aesthetic. Marble can feel luxurious on tubs, walls and counter tops; texture from wood accents and terra cotta tile create a luxe natural design; and natural stone is a chic and contemporary staple that you can warm up with rich textiles.

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