Written by Arethea Harris, Sep 25, 2018
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A skylight makes a gorgeous addition to any home that’s perfect for introducing extra natural light. Skylights come with aesthetic benefits like style and creating an architectural feature, as well as the physical and mental health benefits of fresh air and natural light.

But you already know all (or most) of this, because you already have a skylight. Now that you’re installing a new roof, here are some reasons why it’s a great idea to replace your existing skylight at the same time.

  1. Ensure proper integration. You want your roofing materials and skylights to be properly integrated together to ensure air and water tightness, essentially eliminating the chance of leaks. When mixing the new roof materials with the old skylight, your risk of leaks and product failure increases. This is because your contractor will likely have to partially take apart the existing skylight and re-flash it, which means it will add to the existing holes it already has from the first roof.  When adding the new flashing your water membrane is already punctured and the holes are exposed. Remember, water makes its own path for travel, which could cause extensive repair work down the road.   
  2. Upgraded technology. There’s no sense in replacing your roof now and then replacing your skylight in a few more years. If your skylight is more than 15 years old, you may experience seal failure which is moisture between the panes before it’s time for a new roof. If this happens, you’ll likely need to have the shingles around your skylight removed and new ones installed, meaning an extra visit and expense, plus an inconvenience to go through after a recent new roof installment. There have also been so many advances in skylight technology and possibilities. So why not upgrade to the latest product that can even help you save on your hydro bills? At VELUX, we offer a variety of skylights to meet your needs, including solar powered venting skylights that add fresh air. You can also upgrade to premium glass options for optimal energy efficiency.
  3. Save money. It makes the most financial sense to replace your roof and skylight at the same time, and it’s also the most convenient way to go. Since your roofer is already on the roof you eliminate a second service call down the road, saving you your hard-earned dollars when installing both at the same time. As an added convenience, your skylight and roof warranty will also coincide and will be warrantable through the same company.

If you don’t already have a skylight but are doing a roofing project, you can take a basic, boring renovation and transform your home with a skylight that adds natural light and improves your indoor environment.  It’s the perfect addition to your bathroom, living room, hallway, kitchen or attic.

If you want a quick and easy way to add daylight and don’t want a view to the outdoors, try our VELUX Sun Tunnel skylight.  This is a simple and efficient way to add daylight to many areas and keep costs low.   

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