Written by Arethea Harris, Jul 3, 2019

We all want our homes to be inviting, comfortable and beautiful places for living. Often this means taking on some renovation projects to truly make the space exactly what you want it to be and work for your family’s needs. This is especially true as housing prices rise and more people opt to update their currents home rather than buying a new one.

Still, if you’re making upgrades you want to make sure you get a great return on your investment, with improvements that boost your home’s market value. Here are a few projects to consider this renovation season:


Illuminate any space with a skylight. Do you have a dark, humid bathroom that you wish was brighter and more functional? Does your kitchen need some more light to feel brighter and more inviting? You can transform almost any space with a skylight – a bathroom, bedroom or even the top-of-the-stairs hallway. And the benefits are plentiful. Aesthetically, you’ll add drama and style, opening up the room with more natural light to make it feel larger, while maintaining your privacy from neighbours. In terms of you and your family’s health, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of more natural light, which include improved mood and mental health, a better night’s sleep, and less eyestrain and related headaches.

Bathroom Remodel with Skylight

With upgrading to a venting skylight, you can also create a healthier indoor air climate by taking advantage of the stack effect. This allows hot air, odours and toxins that naturally rise to the highest point in the home escape through the roof. This is especially important in high humidity areas, like your kitchen and bathroom. The stack effect also works when you install a skylight at the top of stairs, as you have access to multiple levels and can ventilate your upper and lower floors. Plus, you’ll save on energy bills in the summer by being able to cool your home effectively without using the AC.


Conserve money with energy-efficient updates. As more of us become aware of the effects of climate change, the impact our own actions can have on the planet, and the long-term financial savings of an energy-efficient house, homeowners are increasingly appreciating the value of environmentally friendly features that help save on energy bills. So, any renovations that improve energy efficiency will not only help you save on heating and cooling costs, they’ll also increase the value and attractiveness of your home to potential buyers should you ever choose to sell.Energy-Efficient Kitchen with Sun Tunnels

Some projects that offer the best bang for your buck and return on investment include installing energy-efficient windows, improving the quality of your insulation and upgrading your appliances to Energy Star-certified models that increase efficiency without sacrificing performance. You might even be able to get some financial assistance from the government or your local hydro company, which often offer incentives, credits and rebates for homeowners who undertake green renovations.


Smart and strategic space makeovers.

 When it comes to renovations that give you the best ROI, be sure to spend smarter, not harder. For example, in your kitchen you can skip the flashy and expensive finishes, and focus on repainting your cabinets and swapping out the hardware for a totally new look. Another trick is to splurge on the backsplash tiles instead of the flooring, as you only need to cover a small space and a little can go a long way. Other valuable improvements are those that create more usable living space. You can turn your unfinished attic or basement into an office space or extra bedroom. Another project is getting rid of your basic patio and adding a striking deck to your backyard. This is a renovation that will have a big impact, as it can encourage you to use your outdoor space more, entertaining guests and even making a staycation feel more appealing and like a true escape. Consider adding built-in seating and flower pots to create a welcoming oasis. You can even do this reno on a sliding scale, depending on your budget and how many features you want to add.


You can enjoy significant improvements to your home and quality of life with selective renovation projects that also boost your home’s value. Get more renovation inspiration and ideas by subscribing to our blog below.

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Before and After Bathroom Renovation with a skylight

Before and After Bathroom renovation with a skylight














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