Written by Linda Mazur, Jun 1, 2021

This past year has seen so many changes in our lives. Many of us have come to realize how we lack functional space now that we have turned our homes into workspaces for every member of the family. You may feel that you have exhausted every inch of your home that could afford you some privacy for work calls, but have you considered transforming your attic space?

Attics can be a little hidden gem of space that can be converted into a very funky home office, family room or spare bedroom. While an attic conversion, much like any other home renovation project, will have its own set of design and construction guidelines, it is a space that can afford you a great return on your investment. Unrenovated attics do not normally come with much access to natural light, and any windows that you could add in are probably going to be quite small or ill-placed; so, this is where we turn to skylights or roof windows to provide an abundance of natural light.130229-02-M_Z9A8599_v2

Skylights or roof windows are a great option for an attic space. They can easily be installed on a slanted ceiling, are available in a vented option to allow for fresh air and a connection with the outdoors which is so important to our physical and mental health.   If you are converting your attic into an office space, reducing your need for artificial light, and maximizing natural light can be a great benefit for productivity as well. We thrive off natural light and fresh air. Not only does it make a space far more inviting but quite simply it just makes us feel better.

A great option for your attic conversion is the VELUX CABRIO Balcony Roof Window. This is a roof window that opens outward on its top hinges and then creates a small instant balcony in seconds! Roof windows, with or without the added balcony feature, offer maximum ventilation and exposure to natural light. Another great option for your attic skylight to help with the indoor climate is incorporating integrated blinds into your skylight or roof window purchase to provide you flexibility and control within your new space.139342-01-XXL

Consider adding a skylight, roof window or CABRIO Roof Window to your attic renovation if you need a bit of extra living space for your family or for more privacy as you continue to work from home. They add a fantastic architectural element to your home while filling your space with the warmth and cheerfulness of the great outdoors.

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