Written by Katie Spragge, Sep 29, 2022

Skylights are installed using a range of different installation techniques. The preferred approach typically varies by location. VELUX has created products for the three most common installation styles in order to satisfy market demand.

The three types of installation methods for skylights are Deck Mounted, Curb Mounted and Sun Tunnel skylights. A skylight installer or roofer will assess the home's roof pitch, roofing material, ceiling type, and whether it is a replacement job or a new cut-in to determine which installation is best for your home. No matter how you install it, you're putting in the same highly built product that fulfils the No Leak Promise and lets in a lot of natural light.


1. Deck Mounted

Deck mounted skylights enable a low profile on your roof and an energy-efficient installation for your skylight. Your skylight will be fastened directly to the roof deck with this installation. Deck mounted skylights are perfect for new construction, replacements, and new cut-in skylights. A 3:12 roof pitch is the minimum. 


2. Curb Mounted

The most popular installation choice for low-pitch or flat roof solutions is curb mounted skylights. The "curb" is a frame that is constructed entirely on-site from two-by-fours up to the roof. After that, the skylight is put in place atop the curb. Think of it as a shoe box, with the curb serving as the box and the skylight serving as the lid. Although a 5° slope for water shed is recommended, the minimum roof pitch is 0:12.


3. Sun Tunnel Skylights

Since the Sun Tunnel skylight is cylinder-shaped and highly reflective, it may fit between ceiling supports and transmit light from your roof to the area below. The Sun Tunnel is a minimally invasive installation that slides in and out of the trusses and ceiling joists. In as little as three hours, installation can be finished. Application-Deck-Mount-2334-Sun_Tunnels-TLR-Small-Spaces-0518-1500x1125Check out our skylight installation guide to learn more about a typical VELUX skylight installation.

Before you call an installer, do you need further assistance on the type of project you are looking for? Connect with our daylight specialist; they can help you with your product needs and any questions you may have. We’re here to help make this process seamless, schedule your online skylight planning meeting today!

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