Written by Ariel - PMQ for Two, Aug 13, 2019

We just recently completed our retro glam kitchen renovations, and one of the stand-out features in the space is our new skylight from VELUX. We added many high-end finishes to the space, but when looking to upgrade your home or property without spending the big bucks (and pricing yourself out of your market) you really want to focus on additions that bring value and function to a home.

 A skylight or Sun Tunnel will do just that.

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Why our home is perfect for a skylight or Sun Tunnel

 We live in a retro ranch style house that has a large floor plan, large rooms, and not nearly enough natural light. The people who built the home oriented it for shade in the summer and protection from the wind in the winter (fantastic!) but that does not mean sweeping views and lots of natural sunlight that reaches every corner of a room.

 I actually wrote extensively about why we chose to add a skylight in our kitchen on my blog, so if you’re curious about that point I suggest you go read it there.

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Investing in your home the smart way

 We’re a military family, which means we move often and have to be able to sell our house quickly and efficiently. When looking to differentiate ourselves from prospective competition in our market, we’re making value-add upgrades that won’t break the bank on our end, and are eco-friendly in the long-term (heating a house in the winter is not cheap out here).

 You can find lists of smart upgrades to make in any house, but those aren’t always for features that will show a return. In our market, new windows & insulation are nice, but won’t sell the house - the interior finishes will. So depending on your market, do some research and consult with your realtor to see which features are in demand.

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A VELUX Skylight is an Efficient Interior Finish

 While we only have one skylight for now - in the kitchen - we have plans to add VELUX Sun Tunnels throughout the home where the pitch of the roof allows, and more functional skylights in rooms like the master bathroom and living room.

 We love that the skylight we chose vents automatically thanks to the VELUX ACTIVE - which we’ve integrated with our smart home features - and will eventually be tied-in with our other smart & learning electronics.

 When working with smart thermostats, carbon monoxide sensors, and moisture triggers, we truly feel like we’re working towards a more efficient household ecosystem, and the VELUX products are a huge part of that.

So not only do they look stunning, provide more light (an in-demand feature locally), but they’re contributing to the overall function of the house. My pretty wallpapers won’t do that.

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Featured Products: VELUX No Leak Skylights , VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO, VELUX Sun Tunnels

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